There are many possibilities to collaborate with the Association Galgos from the South:

Become a partner

Collaborate with us by sharing the objectives of the association, since the more we are, the more pressure we will be able to make in favour of a change. With only 5€ a month and up to the amount you can dispense. The full amount will be used to help those animals as the association will not have personnel or administrative expenses (those are entirely borne by the volunteers).

Realize a donation

It can be of any amount; every grain of sand will contribute to build a mountain. You can decide whether the money should be used to cover the veterinary cost of a determined dog, for example, or you can make other material contributions like necklaces, food, woollen blankets, beds for dogs, etc., that will be donated to the most needed pets.

Sponsor a galgo

¿Did a special story strike your heart? Did the sad eyes of one of these dogs touch you but you cannot adopt? Then this is your option; sponsoring is a kind of contribution to a determined animal to have a better life – you will be part of its new life. You can contact us here.

Foster home

¿Do you have space and time to foster a dog? Then you have the best chance to welcome a pet in your house. Many rescued animals need a home during a certain time to recover from injuries, wounds, etc, for socialisation or due to lack of space in animal shelters. By offering a temporary home you can help them to turn over a new leaf. During some time you will share your home, your affection and your time with a wonderful being whose gratitude will last for the rest of your life. And you will have the satisfaction to have saved a life. Is there anything better?


We need help to find new homes for pets, to make translations, to realise audio-visual material in order to draw the attention on the manifold problems, to drive animals to the vet or back, to contact people who are ready to adopt or offer a foster home, and other associations, etc. If you have “a skilled hand” you can collaborate making different objects to sell (100% of the income are destined for the dogs).

We need volunteers to take the animals to the airport, since most galgos are leaving for foreign countries. Normally, the check-in of the animals is done at the airport of Málaga, and in some individual cases at the airport of Seville.

As you can see there are many possibilities to collaborate actively in favour of the noble galgos.

What are you waiting for?