How to adopt


ike with any other dog, when you plan to adopt a galgo you must consider that it is a long-lasting commitment. The animal that you will adopt is under your full responsibility and it will depend on you for everything (affection, food, veterinary attention, exercise, etc.). Bear in mind, even if it is only a “comparison” that the adoption of an animal can be compared to the one to have a child or a person you are caring for, the animal will depend on you just as these! Don’t forget, if you have to move house unexpectedly, if you change your work and your economic situation gets worse, if you increase the family with a new member, etc., you will have to think about your pet as an unremovable element, because it is part of your family. You surely do not consider to leave your son behind if you have to change residence or if you lose your work, a situation we hope will never happen, so you hopefully will not consider to leaving your pet behind for this or any other reason.

In summary, an animal is a member of your family and must have the same rights as the rest of the family, if you don’t feel like that, please do not consider to adopt an animal. Maybe this seems extreme, but the killing stations are jam-packed with dogs whose owners have changed home, are going to be parents, have changed work ….. and many more excuses to camouflage the lack of real responsibility when they bring their pet to a place where it has to wait for a safe death.

Here after we present a questionnaire that will help you to make the right decision. Read it thoroughly and consider well your answers:

Why do you want to adopt a pet?

  • ¿Do you have enough time for your pet? How many hours are you working a day? Which are your working hours? Do you have other engagements or obligations? Don’t forget that an animal has to go out at least three times a day, make physical exercises and in addition has to feel to be a member of his family/pack.
  • How is your economic situation? Do you have a job or a stable income? Do you have enough financial means (for food, vet, housing, medicine, emergencies, etc.)? Bear in mind that you will be responsible to cover all its necessities.
  • Is the place where you live appropriate for a dog? Do you live in a rented or a privately owned home? If you are living in a rented home, do they allow dogs? Do you have neighbours? Neighbours with animals? Is there enough space in your home for a pet (space for its bed, its feeding dish, etc.)? Is the place where you live secure to walk your dog?
  • Are you mentally ready for unexpected happenings or damages a dog can cause? Are you informed about the education of a dog? Do you think you are able to live with a dog and educate it properly? Are you ready to accept different little discomforts (hair on your sofa or carpet, damaged furniture, barking, etc.)?
  • How are your habits? Are you active or passive? Are you travelling often? Do you know with whom you would leave your dog if you had to travel? Do you plan to have a family and kids? Do you plan to take care of other persons? Are your hobbies compatible wiht a pet?

Yes, we know that these are many questions, but all these you should answer before you adopt a pet to share its life with you. It is fundamental to reply with sincerity since the animal shelters and killing stations are full of animals whose owners did not consider well what it means to be responsible for an animal and the one which has to pay the bill is always the pet (and almost always it pays with its life).

The fact that you plan the adoption means that you are a responsible and humanitarian person, who has taken or wants to take into consideration the situation of the pets in our country. The bargain and sale of pets only promotes the traffic of lives, the “use” of animals to profit, the random breeding, and in many occasions the mistreatment and infringement of the rights of the animal. We therefore ask you not to take part in this „market“, but to give a chance to a pet in an animal shelter. Thus little by little, if nobody purchases pets, the “business” will stop being profitable and this insupportable situation will change.

If you decide to adopt a puppy you must sterilise the animal when it arrives at the age of adult as per the adoption contract you have to sign, since it is the unique effective and responsible form that we have to fight against the overpopulation, main problematic and cause for abandonment of animals. More information here.

You can also opt for offering a TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME. This possibility is fundamental for the recovery of many animals and is very little known. To offer a temporary foster home means that during a determined period of time (normally till the animal is fully recovered or has found a definitive family) an animal is living at your home and you facilitate the care and attention the pet needs. Although many people think that it is hard to separate later on (it always will be, but it is worth the trouble to shelter it) from a pet with which you have shared many things, you have to think that you will always be part of the life of this animal thanks to your act of generosity which you did when you opened your home. This option is very suitable for people who do not have a stable job or economic situation, or for any other reason do not have the possibility to care for an animal during all its life. Be courageous! Try it and you will see how gratifying it is to save the life of an animal.

And finally, once you have taken responsibly and firmly the decision to adopt, we facilitate you some last advices:

  • Try to find out whatever you can about the animal you have chosen (character, history, origin, behaviour, needs, state of health, etc).
  • Don’t choose the animal just because of its appearance, ponder about it as a whole and make sure you are compatible.
  • Don’t hurry.
  • Once adopted, bring it to the veterinarian. Do not oppress it in the first weeks, the dog needs its time to adapt to its new life.
  • It is important to look for information and advice with regard to the education and cohabitation with your new companion. Read books, look for articles in the Internet, consult ethologists or dog trainers, etc. This is also very important if you already have pets and want to introduce another one in your family/pack.

We will not get tired to repeat that the adoption of a galgo will bring an immense joy to you and it will fill many aspects of your life, but this also supposes a series of problems you will have to face and to surpass together with your new friend. The commitment that you acquire is a lifelong commitment.